These eyes;

The older I get the more I learn that I know nothing. Sure, I’m a know-it-all with a penchant for odd, and surprisingly useless facts, but still, I’m clueless as they come. I have so much time in my day and sometimes I know how to put every single second to good use, ultimately benefitting, […]

I’m alive.

I’m a fairly stubborn lady, and I’m chock full of thrill-seeking gypsy blood. I think this is why I used to get into so many accidents. When I start craving a rush I can get a little irresponsible. This is what leads me to do things like driving on the 74, jumping in the ocean […]

Bible study/book club

I just finished reading “With Christ in the School of Prayer” By Andrew Murray. It’s a great book worth a good reading or 12. I noticed something while I was reading the last chapter of this book; I noticed the number of chapters it contained. Which automatically got me to thinking about Proverbs on account […]