Little Lady; Big World

I am a woman, and I like to travel alone, mainly for the same reasons as anyone else, i.e. I'm selfish and I want to do exactly what I want to do without asking permission or forgiveness. Traveling alone is easy, it's organized, or if it isn't, at least it's your own mess. It's spontaneous, free, quiet, …



I like to take pictures of people, places and things, and I post them in a few separate locales. Currently: Santa Barbara, CA 22 years 5 feet, 3 inches Glasses: Optional Intentionally vague & blithely sarcastic Caralee^Lacie

She is;

She is barely a breath in the lives of so many. She is only a wisp of a flashing remembrance of a girl vaguely dreamt up behind closed eyes. She is never a constant; what does it even mean to be? She is an effervescent cheer; a fleeting reality, an enigmatic species of wistful character. …