In a word, you are dazzling;

I feel overwhelmingly sad at the uncalled for heartaches that compile life. I feel like everywhere I turn I’m making a mistake, disappointing someone by being less than I should be, by being less than I could be. Perhaps the only person I’m disappointing is myself, but I sure as heck don’t think I’m making […]

Close by;

oh the delicate life we live where love is so difficult to find & even harder to give we’ve invented ways to keep together in spite of miles, time & space between love suspended at our fingertips inside the cool hard glass we wish for miles to dissipate that this illuminated presence would be yours […]


I could never become a writer because the things I would write about would be true; they would be about all of you. I would dramatize & elaborately describe our lives; as seen through my very own eyes. These memories drift through my head all day, but I am constantly shoving them away. If only […]

Reckless Adoration;

You look so intensely at me your eyes brimming with loving words and affirmations. Yet you treat me so harshly, your actions flooded with misguided weaponry. You act with little regard for my life or my heart all the while your eyes are shrieking their longing adoration. Your lips pulled tight and tense over your […]

Happy to stay;

She’s a creature of habit, the worst kind of habit- the habit of leaving.  The habit of changing. The habit of loving too much and being afraid of her own heart, the habit of dissatisfaction, of always wondering if this is all there is. It’s not, of course it’s not. She’s a foreign soul searching […]

Like a love Psalm, baby

I’m not going to write You a love song, because if I did it would be far too long. I must confess though, that I may never fully express just how intriguing and lovely You seem to be. I have not the words to speak, How will I ever tell You how much You mean […]

Watching Lifetime movies & crying all day.

Bitterness; it sneaks in all sly-like, you don’t even have any one single clue about it until *BAMN* there it is. You’re a bitter crook, murdering people and faulty machine’s in your hearts. It’s a snakelike deception running deep in your character, chiseling away at your love spots and good memories tainting them with lecherous hurtful […]

The Captain & the First Mate

my most prominent, omnipresent trial of a hollow muscular blood-pumping organ three sizes too large for the cavern it inhabits the body, the person, the living breathing organism of human origin ill-equipped for such a raucous muscle the rhythm of rapidity increasing with every introduction of concern compassion beating intensely in the cramped cavity always threatening to […]