Physical heart; figurative heart

I’ve been thinking a lot of the parallelism between the physical heart and the figurative heart. Our physical hearts are enclosed in a double-walled sac for protection, to anchor its surrounding structures and prevent blood from overfilling it. When we first meet people our figurative hearts are completely covered, “which protects the heart from any […]

God is here, God is real, and I am free!

Claustrophobia: an abnormal fear of being enclosed in narrow spaces. Freedom: liberation or deliverance, as from confinement or bondage. In my mind these two words have always sat beside each other. Anytime I felt confined, I was claustrophobic because I had lost my freedom. I was enclosed, locked-in; whether I had wanted this or not, […]

Happy to stay;

She’s a creature of habit, the worst kind of habit- the habit of leaving.  The habit of changing. The habit of loving too much and being afraid of her own heart, the habit of dissatisfaction, of always wondering if this is all there is. It’s not, of course it’s not. She’s a foreign soul searching […]

I’m alive.

I’m a fairly stubborn lady, and I’m chock full of thrill-seeking gypsy blood. I think this is why I used to get into so many accidents. When I start craving a rush I can get a little irresponsible. This is what leads me to do things like driving on the 74, jumping in the ocean […]

“I’ll see you next week.”

“My hope, my home, my calling is in a heavenly country looking upward and forwards, longing to bring glory to my God, my Father whom is not ashamed to call me daughter. Seeking to serve Him in this world and the next, to spread His words, His hope, His love. He has put eternity in […]

Like a love Psalm, baby

I’m not going to write You a love song, because if I did it would be far too long. I must confess though, that I may never fully express just how intriguing and lovely You seem to be. I have not the words to speak, How will I ever tell You how much You mean […]

This time, last year;

so, y’know this is a really weird season in my life. i’ve always been outgoing. i’ve never had a problem talking to or introducing myself to complete strangers, or holding a conversation with anyone. i talked a lot, always had a lot to say, and an opinion for everything. i never ran out of words […]

Your Beloved needs You now;

People are God’s most beautiful, cherished Creations. For that reason, I feel content wherever God has me. A gorgeous, exciting, new, different, ever-changing landscape is always a welcomed addition in His innumerable blessings for me. Honestly though, I would be content living in a dump if only I knew He was using me to further […]

Oceanside > Carlsbad

you can tell the cities apart by the individualities found in the poorer of the two. as you whiz by on the train, swaying with the ocean breeze, you notice bright splashes of color, flashes of lives lived and dreamed up; you view from above the personalities shining through a thousand differences, gazing out a […]

To count myself worthy;

I wonder the things I used to wonder, the things I used to know, to ponder… I wonder where my originality and opinions have run off to; I wonder if they had ever been there at all. I suppose I could’ve always lived as boring, dull, uneducated and unskilled as I am; however, I propose that […]