In a word, you are dazzling;

I feel overwhelmingly sad at the uncalled for heartaches that compile life. I feel like everywhere I turn I’m making a mistake, disappointing someone by being less than I should be, by being less than I could be. Perhaps the only person I’m disappointing is myself, but I sure as heck don’t think I’m making […]

Living like you’re alive;

Humans are complex creatures. We are so much more than what we do. We have dreams, ambitions, needs, wants, desires, cravings, thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, demons, and deviances. We have vices. We are passionate, forgetful, creative, curious, sensitive and serious. We are multi-faceted. We have an incalculable number of dimensions. We are body and soul. […]

Snippet about books, from my [hopeful] book;

Raw reality. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve wasted my time if I read a book and the author is a fake. I mean, I get enough of that in life. Everyone is always trying to shield their identity from you, people are afraid of sharing their true selves with anyone. […]

Dictated Contradictions;

You know when you wake up and all your friends live somewhere else and you realize that you’re all alone because you’ve said no to every boy you can remember, except for the ones who said no to you, and you find yourself wondering if maybe you should’ve been more? More something, sometime… to someone, […]

From a file of numerically titled entries;

She’s a slob, a vagrant, a nameless wanderer, drifting in and out like so many chapters in a dream, occasionally a nightmare. She’s been aimless for so long, she’s forgotten if she ever had a purpose. Erratic and fickle, she’s a wayward soul, grasping for meaning, wishing she had one inkling where she was. Someone […]

On Transparency;

Up until this point in my life I’ve done my utmost to present myself as an opaque being. I’ve never believed that I could be understood and therefore I never tried. I’m taking baby steps to say what I’m feeling, to voice my struggles and my inner life, fighting tooth and nail against the truth […]

Be gentle with me;

Reading about introversion is so impressively soothing. Even though I know I have many talents and skills, I often forget how useful I can be, because it is shrouded in my ever growing exhaustion from constant, incessant, and dreadful overstimulation. A sweet soul told me today that she can’t think of anything I’m not good […]


What does bravery mean to you? And courage? To me, bravery is saying yes, when you probably should’ve said no. Bravery is living like you’re invincible. It’s seeing the risk and taking it anyways, because it makes you better. Bravery is looking fear in its quivering face and saying, “You don’t scare me.” Courage, though, […]