Cynicism at it’s finest;

Every now and then I have this epiphany that I’m pretty dark & emotional as the world would describe it; really I am just deeply introspective & I am a realist, I say things how they are. That scares people. It frightens them and makes them awkward, not many people know what to do when confronted with the truth of a matter, it’s hard enough for them to swallow with a spoon full of sugar, much more impossible a la carte.

The temptation to be light and careless is always a lingering taste; while I love adventure and spontaneity I will not roll over and play dead when directly confronted with reality. I chose many moons ago to stare fantasy, fabrication and aggrandizement in the face and declare, “You’re not real.”

Reality & truth are antonyms to fantasy. I claim imagination, creativity and extraordinary joy, but I will not live in a sacchariferous world operating on candied lies. If that makes you uncomfortable, good. Get up on your feet & walk it out, deal with it. Confrontation is so biblical and its as real as it gets; learn the difference between tact and dicing your words.

Real life isn’t always magical and perfect; real life is dirty, gritty, rough and overwhelming. It spins you around and drops you on your head- so stare it down, somersault, smile your best, truest, most beautiful smile, say “that was stupid.” And try again, being honest that this isn’t easy & it’s maybe not your favorite thing to do, & maybe you hate it, but its your life and its worth cherishing & carrying on through each precious, maddening moment of it.

So yeah, maybe I’m cynical, and blunt sometimes, but I’m okay with that because that’s what is real to me, and I’m not going to cover that up for anyone.


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