Reckless Adoration;

You look so intensely at me your eyes brimming with loving words and affirmations.
Yet you treat me so harshly, your actions flooded with misguided weaponry.
You act with little regard for my life or my heart all the while your eyes are shrieking their longing adoration.
Your lips pulled tight and tense over your jaw, your smile trying to discern its own meaning.
You withhold so much human kindness from me;
Only in these fleeting moments do I feel cherished; but what is real, and which is faux?
Fe fi fo fum your heart is a thumping drum lost in its own rhythm, self conscious of its offbeat.
Your hands comfort me so tenderly, but your heart dances with mine recklessly.
Whoever said I required your love? I’ve always planned on existing without you.

-a thing i wrote recently while driving


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