She is;

She is barely a breath in the lives of so many.

She is only a wisp of a flashing remembrance of a girl vaguely dreamt up behind closed eyes.

She is never a constant; what does it even mean to be?

She is an effervescent cheer; a fleeting reality, an enigmatic species of wistful character.

She is a catalyst for change, a advocate for freedom.

Only, how can she ever be free whilst always bound to freedom?

The inquiry suspended in the air; the minutes drag by as if they had no place to be.

If you see her, ask her to stay; if she draws near, don’t keep her at bay.

She must know that the freest she’ll ever be is not out, drifting on the open sea.

It’s here, darling dear, that you’ll find your identity and loose your fear.

photo by: michaelspotts:.


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