This last Saturday was my birthday;

And I know that birthdays are supposed to be fun, a celebration of life.

But I didn’t want to celebrate this year.

I’ve never been much for birthdays or holidays, especially not when I’m the main attraction. But this year was different than even that.

I didn’t want to celebrate this year because I am sick and I am tired of all the depravity of this world. I hate the thought that two friends, one family member, an acquaintance and a teacher have died, or killed themselves. I hate thinking that these people didn’t count themselves worthy, that they didn’t find a hope worth living for, that they killed themselves because the filth of this world was too much to carry on their own and they couldn’t, wouldn’t or didn’t accept help, love, hope. I hate thinking that simple accidents leave people brotherless & hopeless, because on this Earth he didn’t find his hope and then it was too late. I hate thinking that after all the crappy fathers on this planet, the men and boys who don’t, or won’t step up to what God has called them to, a loving father dies, and his boys are left without the adoring father they would’ve had.

I hate knowing that our world sees cheating as validation for divorce, I hate that  no vow, no promise is sacred. I hate the depravity that justifies cheating even in a fit of passion. I hate the wickedness that spews forth when we are angry. I hate the poisonous language we joke with. I hate the malicious words we shower on those we love. I hate the despicable way we treat our friends and brothers. I hate cheap grace. I hate fake humility. I hate the religious facade, the ministry face we put on to ‘help’ a friend.

I hate that love is lost and our world is dying, destroying itself.

I hate the search for peace that I witness behind their eyes that is so horrifically misguided. The stubbornness of this generation to do all in the name of self and good times. CUSS THAT CUSS.

It’s worthless. All of it. If we’re not living a life for our Creator, if we are not reading His words and believing them, claiming His promises, proclaiming His hope, His peace to these lost and eternally perishing souls, then what good are we? If we are not loving the people of this world, not only our precious brothers and sisters in Christ but the rest of the whole entire world, if we are not giving them our hearts, offering them the only way, then we are just like those sinners whom we are condemning through our silence. No, we are worse. Because we have the truth, we have the life, and if we aren’t sharing it every chance we get, if we are not having compassion on the multitudes, loving them not judging them. Telling them about Jesus’ redeeming blood, and loving them into and throughout their faith, then we are as selfish as it gets.

Loving is as simple as listening. If you talk to someone about Jesus, try allowing them to talk first, inquire as to their person. Invest in them, and give them all you’ve got. Give them everything they ask of you, don’t hold back an ounce of love from them, show them that they are a cherished being, that they matter and life truly does have meaning. Tell them that their soul will live on forever and they choose in this life whether it lives on in light or darkness. And tell them that you love them; tell them with your words and with your actions. For God so loved the whole world, so why don’t we?

I think you might find this to be the most fulfilling reward.

So, I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday, but today was a good reminder for me of God’s grace. There is redemption in loving the lost, in picking up the pieces of a broken marriage and fixing it, in repenting, apologizing and asking forgiveness for your powerful toxic words, in throwing away that ministry face, and putting out your true heart to be as vulnerable as the one to whom you are ministering to; there is redemption in bringing one lost soul hope, one dark life light, and one embittered forgiveness. There is power, healing and life abundant in the name of Jesus and for that reason, I am reminded that my life is redeemed. I am bought with the highest price that only One could pay, and that is why my life is worth celebrating, my life is worth praising the One who gave me new life.

Sometimes things need to be broken so that they can be renewed and I know my Jesus allows my heart to break for those things that break His; but every time He mends it tighter to eternity. He mends it closer to His own.

And I am engulfed in it.

So I aspire to live an extraordinary life for my Saviour. I desire to be an unusual human in the eyes of the world, a peculiar light that is not hidden from men. I will stand up and not live down to the world’s standards, but up to God’s. I hope to take every opportunity to live extraordinarily for Him, and for His kingdom come. To not be idle in this world, but to be an undeniable light to this generation, and to love His people, His world, because we are all His and the works of His hands.

So God be glorified, Father be lifted up!


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