I’m alive.

I’m a fairly stubborn lady, and I’m chock full of thrill-seeking gypsy blood. I think this is why I used to get into so many accidents. When I start craving a rush I can get a little irresponsible. This is what leads me to do things like driving on the 74, jumping in the ocean […]

This last Saturday was my birthday;

And I know that birthdays are supposed to be fun, a celebration of life. But I didn’t want to celebrate this year. I’ve never been much for birthdays or holidays, especially not when I’m the main attraction. But this year was different than even that. I didn’t want to celebrate this year because I am […]

“I’ll see you next week.”

“My hope, my home, my calling is in a heavenly country looking upward and forwards, longing to bring glory to my God, my Father whom is not ashamed to call me daughter. Seeking to serve Him in this world and the next, to spread His words, His hope, His love. He has put eternity in […]