Like a love Psalm, baby

I’m not going to write You a love song, because if I did it would be far too long.
I must confess though, that I may never fully express just how intriguing and lovely You seem to be.
I have not the words to speak, How will I ever tell You how much You mean to me?
Yes, it is You and You alone whom I seek.
You are my love and my life-the end to my strife.
You are strength in my weakness, faith in my faithlessness.
You are my Tower of Refuge, my fortress of joy.
You are my goodness, my Gracious, my beginning and end.
You are the only One I may truly call “Friend.”
You see my heart, all torn and ripped apart
&yet instead of rejection, You offer correction
&though I’m prideful Your reprimand is still so sweet.
You teach me to be humble and then you offer me a better seat.
I am a wretched sinner but yet, You understand
&when I fall You always catch me in Your hand.
When I wander away, You promise me You’ll stay.
&though I try to run and hide, You promise to always be by my side.
You tell me I must persevere but not to worry, You are here.
You whisper in my ear, “Do not fear,” I hear.
I am broken inside, You comfort me as I cry and You take my pride.
You give me love when away, I shove.
You’re handing me a free pass to first class.
I fall silent, afraid I’ve lost my voice.
When I try to call for You, nothing comes out.
I fear I’ve lost my shout.
I’m panicking, trying to scream.
You’re here, You see me and somehow, You hear me.
Suddenly, I can speak! I have the most indescribable peace.
I see You, I see You, Jesus!
And it is then that I am sure, You are the real treasure.
I bow down before You and surrender myself wholly to Your glory;
All I have is Yours, I have opened all my doors.

I love You, Lord, so I give You my sword.

-Me, 2008


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