Your Beloved needs You now;

People are God’s most beautiful, cherished Creations. For that reason, I feel content wherever God has me. A gorgeous, exciting, new, different, ever-changing landscape is always a welcomed addition in His innumerable blessings for me. Honestly though, I would be content living in a dump if only I knew He was using me to further His kingdom and love His beloved children. I want to feel His Spirit, I want to experience the vast magnificence of His glory, of His gifts.

God, I would like nothing more than to be used mightily for Your kingdom in any and every way You choose. I know Your calling on my life, on all our lives is to love You above all else, but secondly to love each other as You have loved us. Your love is immeasurable and unchanging. I can never express how thankful I am for that.

Lord, I know that You have Your hand on our lives, and I know that You are working everything to Your glory. My prayer is this, that we would not become comfortable in the “Calvary way of thinking” that we would press on, always searching for Your deepness, for Your gifts. That we would not get comfortable in our pews and our separate lives, and our selfish prayers. God make us selfless, make us uncomfortable. Make us restless and give us direction.

Lord, I pray that You would manifest Yourself in us, shine through our sinful nature &light Your world ablaze! Give us the desires in Your heart &make them burn fiercely in and through our hearts. I want You to take all that I am, all that I have to offer, and change me, mold me and make me into a woman who can be mightily used for Your kingdom come, Father. I want to bring Your love and Your heart into all the nations of the world. I feel the depravity, the wickedness of this earth bearing so heavily on my heart, Lord take this burden and help me to lift it &change it and do well with the heart, and desires You have given me. I don’t care about the location, I don’t care whether You whisk me North, South, East or West. I care most that You bring me to a place so desperately in need of the light found only in Your presence and that You cast out all my fears with Your perfect love.

Lord, help me to pray. Help me to pray, to intercede with words straight from Your heart, Lord. Bless me with all the fruits of Your Spirit, humble me before the throne of God. Bring me to the Presence behind the veil, let Your hope be an anchor in my soul. I devote my life to furthering Your kingdom, don’t ever let me be idle. I want to be continually restless for You, never so comfortable that I am afraid to make a change. Make my words consistently glorifying Your name. Keep it in the forefront of my mind that I am a soldier of Christ, I am Your chosen people and I carry the name of Christ on my forehead and on my heart for the world to see, and all my actions, choices, and decisions ought to be with the mind and heart that I am a representative of Christ and His eternal weight of glory. Give me discernment and wisdom; uphold me in Your abounding grace. Thank You for loving me, for loving this world as wretched and despicably sinful as we all are. We need Your grace;we need Your love.

-Me, May 9, 2011


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