Watching Lifetime movies & crying all day.

Bitterness; it sneaks in all sly-like, you don’t even have any one single clue about it until *BAMN* there it is. You’re a bitter crook, murdering people and faulty machine’s in your hearts. It’s a snakelike deception running deep in your character, chiseling away at your love spots and good memories tainting them with lecherous hurtful choices and events that quickly morph into a poisonous cancer that slowly eats away at your loveliest graces. It’s a truly wicked thing, and it comes on so determined to ruin; it exists under the radar until eventually you have one half ton block of hate aching in your heart; this is when your eyes open up to the blatant lack of forgiveness corrupting your blood stream, pumping disgust into every fiber of your being. The toxin has overtaken and now that you see it, now that you feel it, it’s killing you and no amount of resistance or antibody seems to be able to destroy it. The onslaught only intensifies in force when defeat is attempted, it only begins a ruthless attack on reason and selfless desire. It’s an uphill battle requiring fortitude and dedication to the goal at hand. You see the goal right away, but it feels like ages before you are within reach, and longer still before it’s in your grasp. The battle is won but the war is still raging until you settle the accounts in your heart, you lie down your right to justice, you forgive with, or without apology, you lie down your weapons- your need, your desire to have revenge, to set the score straight, you learn to desire the best for the object of your bitterness and eventually expel the vile poison from your body, forget the wrong, clear the board & again realize, accept- the debt has been paid.


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