The Captain & the First Mate

my most prominent, omnipresent trial
of a hollow muscular blood-pumping organ
three sizes too large for the cavern it inhabits

the body, the person, the living breathing organism of human origin
ill-equipped for such a raucous muscle
the rhythm of rapidity increasing with every introduction of concern

compassion beating intensely in the cramped cavity
always threatening to explode straight through the cage of fragile ribs
that so presumptuously declare to contain it

obediently has it held it’s position for such a length
scarcely can it be expected to hold office in the same capacity for long
as the population grows so must the city and the counsel therein

the growth has begun, drumming a spontaneous and unpredictable tune
leaving my being susceptible to it’s insistent persuasion of feeling
the rationality of my brain eclipsed by the sensation of sensitivity in my heart

i, a mere human inexperienced in the woes of womanhood
molded by examples of the most senseless nature so expected of a female
am prone to the most innate tendencies of complete disregard of the logic dear to me

infrequent as it may seem my poor elephantiasis inflicted organ
may see fit to instigate a mutiny against the temperate captain in my head
to insight a fury of unstoppable, volcanic eruptions of passionate fit
characteristic of my instinctively moody first mate,
whom I have found to be one and the same as that blasted enormous instrument of emotional and highly feminine will inside of me

swayed beneath the influence of such a rampant tempest of will
i find myself directly confronted by the devastating perception of loved ones harmed
grievances discovered are magnified to excruciating extents

the powerful captain pales beside the overwhelming desires of my inspired first mate
who wishes surrender to the deep sorrow within for the sake of a cherished other
demonstrated by the pure, unsolicited display of wrenching waterworks
the searing streaks of refining, renewing and releasing salt drops

stifling such extraordinary behavior may not attain such a health of mind as the captain may hope for
in such a case he must admit the possibility of practicality in such a show
& therefore must allow the strings of heart to be pulled beneath reason
even to the point of inconveniencing a beholder

in the absence of furtiveness, my reputation may be damaged
assuming the risk of being perceived foolish, capricious, weak or crazy by spectators
however, pride not considered the captain must discern what is beneficial for the entire vessel and make allowances accordingly.

*best if read in a british accent with a discovery channel narrator’s tone*


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