you may have had me at “hello,”
but you lost me at “i lied.”

it’s not a lovely thought knowing that we’re all the same in that we all have our own soggy, little rotten tomato hearts.

we’re stuck in our pride
we strive for our need of opposites
we thrive on taking sides
&we’re never satisfied.

our trouble comes from our constant longing for more.

more material
more vanity
more nothing

just more.

no one is perfect
but we all pretend to be.

we’re fools.
falling for each other
&dropping like flies.

we never stick around for the hard part
we’re just along for the ride
but only if it’s free
because the most important person is me.

we want, we need
we long, we seek

but will we ever find?

if we did, would we know?

we give ourselves away so easily.
we don’t think, we do.

act on impulse.
feed on lust.
thrive on loss.

we’re naively charmed.
throwing our hearts out
&clenching his arm.

we sell our freedom for vain delight.
our joy ticks like second on a clock;
what happens when time runs out?

we live for the moment.
we care nothing of the future or what it is to become.
we constantly dwell on the past,
halting any plausible thoughts on progression.

we’re tainted Creations,
consistent only in our attraction to bad decisions.

but we’re all in this together.



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