Not stating the ‘obvious’

Now, I don’t know if I am unusually perceptive, but many things in life are just so obvious to me. Since they are so clear, in my mind there is nothing to question and nothing to talk about, or elaborate on.

I am convicted of this way of thinking. Here’s why:

2 Peter 1:12-15  & 1 John 2:21 We, as imperfect beings are easily forgetful, neglectful, and distracted. For this reason Peter and John saw fit to write these things “not because you do not know the truth, but because you know…” and you need to be reminded as Peter states 3 times in these verses. So if there is some occurrence in life that provokes my thought and I come up with a brilliant train, but discard it because it feels too ‘obvious’ or un-noteworthy I am being selfish on the basis that perhaps someone really needed that encouragement today, but since I deemed it unworthy and tossed it they won’t get to hear it. At least not from me.

I embolden you, friends, if you have been guilty of repressing a refreshing or thought provoking word because you have deemed it insignificant, plain or self-explanatory remember the next time that we are called to revive one another to good works. Colossians 3:16, 17

So, I’ll be posting my writings that I have been collecting for years. Feel free to follow along, even if we’re strangers. Hope you enjoy these little glimmers into my brain!


2 Replies to “Not stating the ‘obvious’”

  1. kittenspause = your grandma who loves you and is delighted with you and your writing. Did you know that I have written for many years? i have it all written out in journals since 1987.
    I will follow your blogs..and know that I pray for you and am delighted that you are getting to know the love of God more in your life. When you know His love for you, you will have the highest esteem that you can possibly attain to and things just might start happening big time in your life…His will, His way, is what I always say. Hugs and blessings, Cara dear.

    1. Love you grandma! I do know that you write, I always loved reading your letters- they were so descriptive, I figured you had to be a writer, too. :)

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