Bible study/book club

I just finished reading “With Christ in the School of Prayer” By Andrew Murray. It’s a great book worth a good reading or 12. I noticed something while I was reading the last chapter of this book; I noticed the number of chapters it contained. Which automatically got me to thinking about Proverbs on account of, they both have 31 chapters, which gave me a thought, a desire, a proposition.

You know how people read a chapter a day in Proverbs? Well, I thought that this book was so worth reading on account of how easily dismissed the immense importance of prayer in a Christian’s daily life is, and on account of how swiftly we forget to pray or how ignorantly we assume regulations on prayer. I have also been thinking a lot about the wonderful blessing of praying out loud, when you are alone and even more so, when you are interceding on another’s behalf and the added blessing of sweet fellowship whilst doing so. All of this got me to thinking, how amazing would it be to get a group together once a day to read a chapter out of ‘With Christ in the School of Prayer’ and a chapter out of Proverbs, together as the body of Christ! To read the prayer at the end of each chapter aloud in unison agreeing that this is the cry of our hearts, wouldn’t it be sweet! To dive into Proverbs with hearts ready and craving prayer, intercession and unity with our Jesus. To have a mini Bible study through Proverbs each day, to share our thoughts, our hearts, our struggles and our praise and to pray with one another at the end, in the middle, at the beginning and throughout our days!

This is the newest desire of my heart, and I truly do hope to see it come to fruition. I have seen so many times in my life with Christians a fear of praying aloud, an embarrassment at not being ‘good at it’ or not having ‘enough to say’, paralyzing thoughts about what others in the room will think of your prayer, or fear of your prayer not being eloquent enough. This has been true even for myself as sometimes the words are choked out of my mouth for worry or fear of men or my own deficiencies or unworthiness. It is my desire that through this Bible Book Club Study we would all come to know and be confident in our worth and eloquence in Christ, that even when we think we are insufficient He supplies our lack because we are His beloved, and He is ours. 

So, that’s my proposition and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. I know it is sort of an idealistic proposition, but I think that we can make it happen.


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